Laura & Dan – New York Wedding

Laura & Daniel Wedding Photography Chris Denner (18 of 30)

It was a great honour being asked to photography Dan & Laura’s elopement… not because there super cool people (but they are) but because it was in one of my favourite cities in the world… a city so amazing they named it twice, New York, New York!
We’d met the lovely couple at the Birmingham NEC show (National Wedding Show) in 2017. And they’d booked me on the spot as they loved what I’d seen, and it didn’t hurt that I’d previously shot 3 other weddings in New York.
So, the day had finally arrived, we’d all flown out, liaisons had been made (Starbucks, Times Square lol) and locations had been sourced… we were ready.

And on the day… thunderstorms struck.

But, we soldiered on, and the couple were stars, dodging rain and wind, and I had a great time with them hitting all of the classic New York sites.

New York really is an amazing city, its not one thing, but seemingly a million things rolled into one. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn is just so iconic, and we were super lucky to be able to visit the famous “Dumbo” street as the rain cleared up. Another great spot was the Bushwick Collective, and amazing neighbourhood in Williamsberg, Brooklyn were the whole neighbourhood is covered in great graffiti. Including the iconic “til death do us part”, which unfortunately some idiot had “tagged”… what a loser!
So, it was under the watchful eye of Bushwick Legend “Biggie Smalls” that we explored that area as well as Manhattan classics such as Times Square, and Central Park.

From past experience we’d decided to split the shoot into two separate days. One day was a few informal portraits around Manhattan, the second was the actual ceremony at New York City Hall, where we arrived bright and early at 8.30am to wait in line for our turn at the ceremony which lasted approximately two minutes ha, ha!

After the ceremony it was off the Brooklyn for an afternoon of rain dodging, ubers, traffic jams but mostly amazingly fun photography!

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town.