Rebecca & Ollie – Westmill Wedding

Ollie & Becki Wedding Photography Chris Denner 81

It was super dooper being asked to shoot Ollie and Rebecca’s (Becki) wedding at Derby’s fantastic Westmill Wedding Venue – what an amazing couple in a brilliant venue.

The Westmill Wedding Venue in Derby leads itself to incredible photography, with fantastic grounds and shabby chic interiors, and I always really enjoy shooting there.

The couple had booked me at the National Wedding Show after seeing my work, and they had decided to go for a pre shoot with me (a chargeable extra, but definitely recommended!) and we had a real laugh on that shoot. Ollie was just super rude with his cheeky banter with Becki, and we bonded over this “Walking Dead” tattoos and this set us up perfectly for the wedding day.

On the day I had a great time exchanging banter (mad bantz) with his groomsmen, and Becki’s bridesmaids were equally a bunch of lunatics.

Ollie’s young lad Joseph played a huge part in the day, and he was a little star – he even got up and did a quick speech where he absolutely slammed his dad with some top jokes! He was super nervous, but as soon as that mic got in his hand he was as cool as a cucumber.

I’m really pleased with all of the portraits I took of the lovely couple, I was able to use the Westmill to its best advantage I believe, and the portraits that I captured towards the end of the day upstairs in the gallery are some of my fav from this year.

Some of the natural light images are darker and moodier than my previous work, and this type of imagery is something that i`m super keen to explore in my upcoming weddings. I still love using flashing for creative portraits, that is never going to change, and I’m really excited about delivering a set of images that mixes both of these techniques.

This wedding was a genuine joy to shoot, there was so much going on from the drinks reception, to the dancing and the partying that it was such fun. Crazy, and very entertaining but amazing fun at the same time.

Congrats Ollie and Becki x

Ollie & Becki Wedding Photography Chris Denner 74