Laura & Tom met and booked myself after seeing my portfolio at the Save the Date Wedding Show at the Pumping House in very Early 2019.

They had booked The Nottinghamshire Golf Club, Cotgrave, Nottingham and they were after some really creative Wedding Photography for their wedding day and loved my documentary style wedding photography approach – and I was recommended by the wedding planner there, so it was a great match that we’d end up working together! Win, win all round!

We were blessed with some amazing weather during their wedding day, and the ceremony and reception was super emotional. Tom AND Laura were in tears for various bits of it, and whilst I felt really naughty taking photos, I couldn’t stop – the content was just too good.

I’m really happy with the images that I captured with Tom and the lads pre ceremony. Unposed, fun with great quality of expression, and these contrast nicely with the pre ceremony images I caught with Laura getting ready.

The couple were very at ease during the day, laughing and joking with friends and family, and so when it came to their portraits, Laura was very blunt that she didn’t want to do anything too posed though I was able to convince to try a few centre piece, artistic and dynamic images to compliment the more candid portraits (from the day) and thankfully they ended up loving them!

I love shooting these alternative kinds of portraits that challenge my couple’s perceptions, and I’m super happy with the results!

The rest of the wedding was in my usual favourite style of relaxed; which meant that I could bring out some well seen observational wedding photography, and the couple LOVE it!

The couple had structured their day so there was a lot of drinks reception time, which gave me loads of opportunity to sneak around like a photo ninja and grab photography of people just being themselves, completely unnoticed.

One advantage of shooting at a golf club is the ability to get out in a golf buggy for some fun on the golf course! There’s a lot of creative and hidden spots at the Nottinghamshire to shoot at, and it’s always super good fun driving around in golf buggies!.