COVID-19: Lockdown Photography Project

Chris Denner Artisan Photography 6

I have to take this opportunity to say that I am so thankful for how all of my couples and family clients have dealt with this craziness, and I honestly believe I get to work with the best humans.

I’ve mostly tried to avoid social media and the news as much as possible, but in my brief delving into the abyss it’s looking confusing and generally pretty upsetting.

I have seen so many industry peers having issues and despite our collective (as in; me and you) upset at things not proceeding as we have planned; the efficient, calm, gracious nature of you all at times has had me in tears.

Thank you.


I’ve had days where I just wished the darkness to come so I could hide away in bed and try again the next day. I’ve had clients on the phone in tears, as we tried valiantly to coordinate on new wedding plans. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the absolute least.

One of the things I’ve been doing to keep my mental attitude straight is running a minimum of 5 miles a day. It’s hard, dull, and not suited to my personality type.

But putting myself through that, BY CHOICE, has helped me ground my emotions.

I know this will be over. Like Journey sang “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Which brings me to the subject of this blog post – Photography Self Portraits!

As some of you may know, as well as being a photographer and songwriter I’m also am artist. I create work under the synonym of Jericho1 and have exhibited four collections of my own self-initiated work in galleries across the country, including my first collection “Portraits” at Rich Mix (Gallery) in London.

This project was one born of frustration and creativity… what was available to me, and what did I want to say with my work. Broadly I used myself as my own muse. My interests, moods, and ideas were rolled up (usually on one of those annoying 5-mile runs). I then shot whenever inspiration struck me.

So, I hope you enjoy these portraits.

I was recently featured on one of the world’s biggest Wedding Photography podcasts (Way Up North) so head over there and check out the 25-minute interview.


Though it’s pretty cringy from my point of view!