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About Me

I don't do standard wedding photography. I see your photography differently.

Forget posed, sterile and old fashioned imagery, and instead think of colourful, intimate, and beautiful wedding photography.

I grew from a desire to create a more personal type of photography – remarkable imagery and memories, unique to you that turn a wedding into your perfect day.

To put it into context, if I were a band – I’d be AC/DC, The Beatles or the Ramones; I wouldn’t be Westlife or an X Factor winner. I'm far more artistic rather than manufactured and bland.

Because I take time beforehand to get to know you – your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and expectations – you’ll more feel relaxed in front of the camera, and confident in getting results you’ll be thrilled with. Forget the standard posed images you usually see, instead expect natural and stunning portraiture that is contemporary, extraordinary and unique to you.

The vast nature of my work is a very documentary and candid approach – so I’ll be there to capture every true emotion, every laugh, joke, and yes, even the tears without you knowing it.

I love creating unique photography that you'll cherish forever, and love the honest reactions from our couples when I deliver their wedding photography.

This is Me

I try to put everything I have into everything I do simply because I don’t know any other way to live my life.

I'm known for my wicked sense of humour, tattoos, eclectic style and generally being an awesome human being. I live for travel, hanging out with friends, craft beer and cold coffee.

Since going full time with my wedding business in 2007 I still pinch myself that I get to shoot weddings all over the world with super doper groovy couples. I really do feel like I’m living some sort of a weird dream.

These days I’m living in a cool, gothic inspired house, living out my weird punk rock inspired lifestyle, rocking out on guitar with my band, reading some kinda bad ass shit or playing with my little cockapoo Indy, who is my furry baby – I will fight you if you say she isn’t!

Anyway, that’s my story,

I’d love to hear yours.

Chris Denner x