So, high on your wedding checklist will probably be securing a wedding photographer.

Lots of things will probably be going through your mind, so hopefully this little “FAQ” will answer everything you wanted to know about wedding photography… but were afraid to ask.

Enjoy our best of 2019 firstly!


Do we need to choose a local wedding photographer?

Firstly there’s no such thing as local wedding photographer, so don’t worry about choosing “a photographer near me”, my work has taken me all over the globe. See our elopement section here, so distance isn’t an issue.

I only charge travel expenses if the shoot is outside England / Wales and have set transparent supplements for destination weddings an example of one of these elopements can be seen here.

In my opinion the two biggest questions you’ll ask yourself or about style and pricing.


Which wedding photography style do you shoot in?

We specialise in informal wedding photography, and my images are edgy and creative wedding photography at its best. I’m not a traditional practitioner, as I am more interested in colourful and unusual wedding photography, so if you were after something more orthodox then we would not be a good fit. Style is an important part of my delivery, and if I had to describe it in one phrase, I’d say I was a reportage wedding photographer.

This means your photography will have an emotional connection, will be candid and created in a relaxed and fun manner.
A great showcase of the work I create can be obviously found in our portfolio (insert internal portfolio link here), but its also well worth checking out Instagram as there’s a much greater number of lovely images waiting for you there.


OK, so how much does Chris Denner Wedding Photography cost?

Now let’s talk about prices, or investment as we like to call it.

I believe in being super clear with my clients regarding what your choosing to spend with me. All of our prices can be found here and when you choose to work with me, its really easy where we go after you’ve paid your deposit. The final balance is divided up and broken into a series of smaller payments which will all be detailed in your wedding contract. Feedback from my clients is this is very preferable, and I feel this makes me one of the more unique wedding photographers out there.


What exactly is an engagement shoot, and do we need one?

Another thing to consider, and I highly recommend it is to do a “pre wedding shoot” or engagement photography shoot. These are invaluable, and in my opinion well worth the time and energy! Essentially, we get together (I usually do all of my engagement photography in Leicestershire) and chat, laugh and take some photos, more details can be found here.

Do we get the rights to all of the wedding photography? How many photos do we receive after the big day?
All our packages include your full wedding gallery, fully art worked and available on a beautiful and bespoke online wedding gallery. These are available in high resolution and are fully downloadable. In our investment section we have different packages that reflect different choices, but we do recommend a wedding album to remember your day by. Our most popular choice is our Artbook option.


Do you have any wedding photography reviews that we can look at?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, yes, I do seem like a cool wedding photographer, but how can I trust websites? Good point! Well you should definitely check out our Facebook page and give us a like and read any one of our 180+ five star reviews… yes that’s right 180+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS!


How soon should we book you? How do we book? We’ve not even got a date yet!

We like all the most popular alternative wedding photographers I book up years in advance, and I only shoot 40 weddings a year. This is a hard and fast rule. So, get in touch, pull that trigger, drop us a message and let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.


So, I’ll wrap up now and leave you with this quote by a famous photographer that really connects with me.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Alfred Eisenstaedt